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April 11, 2017
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April 12, 2017


People often tend to rely on the information provided to them via the Internet or through a family friend or member who have experienced the same kind of situation that they might have experienced.  What people fail to recognize or acknowledge is that every individual has a different bodily structure based on the genes they inherited from their ancestors. The way medicines react on their body would be different from the way they react on your body. Therefore, a comparison should be made in order to select the perfect supplement for you. In this article we will compare Modalert Modvigil Waklert Artvigil.


Modvigil is a brand of modafinil, which aims to improve individual alertness, mental energy and aspects of cognitive performance. It is noted to have a positive effect on the individuals who are suffering mainly from anxiety or depression. Modvigil is structured in a way that it does not have a huge amount of withdrawal symptoms. The side effects and withdrawal symptoms as pretty much less as compared to Modafinil. Modvigil is considered as a weak supplement mainly because it is subtle enough to be discreet yet it can have a strong influence on an individual throughout the day. The individuals often find themselves as:

  1. Feeling more alert and active than before.
  2. Concentration level increases.
  3. Sleeping routing gets better.
  4. Attention Span increases.


Modalert is another brand of modafinil but it is very intense and patients who get dependent on Modalert often experience severe withdrawal symptoms as well like sleepiness. Even though the effects are stronger as compared to Modvigil but the results of Modalert are better and intense as well. It helps individuals boost their memory, learning, and cognitive skills. It involves few benefits as well:

  1. It improves both short and long term memory skills.
  2. Improves individuals learning capacity and skills.
  3. Moreover, it also enhances productivity skills as well.


The only difference between Modalert Modvigil Waklert Artvigil is that it is sold in 150 mg whereas the rest of them are sold in 200 or 300mg. Artvigil unlike Modvigil and Modalert is a nootropic supplement and therefore it aims at increasing the brain’s ability and capacity to concentrate and stay active throughout the day. Artvigil has a lot of benefits to offer and some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Increases individual productivity capacity.
  2. It aims at decreasing anxiety and stress levels.
  3. It makes sure that the individual is always charged up and is in good mood throughout the day.
  4. Moreover, it also increases the average functioning capacity of the brain.

Artvigil if taken in the right manner can have a very positive impact on your life as compared to other similar supplements that are available in the market. It can help you balance your frustration and anxiety levels throughout the day thus making sure that you are charged up the entire day.


Waklert is another medicine that is an alternative to the brand of supplement named Nuvigil. Waklert is an affordable version of Nuvigil. Waklert just like Modalert Modvigil Waklert Artvigil aims to alter the actions of neurotransmitters in the brain thus making the life of the patient much more easier. Out of the population who uses Waklert only 5% of them experienced the side effects, which means the medicine is the best supplement that patients could get. It is the strongest and therefore it has a lot of benefits to offer to its patients:

  1. It increases the attention span of individuals thus making hem more productive.
  2. It helps patient eliminate stress and anxiety from their life.
  3. Social anxiety levels are also minimized.
  4. The sleeping patterns of the patients are also improved with time.
  5. It enhances the capacity and capability of brain functioning in a very positive manner.
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