What is the Drug Nuvigil?

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October 23, 2017
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January 10, 2018
What is the Drug Nuvigil?

What is the Drug Nuvigil?

You are probably one of the many individuals who keep asking what the Drug Nuvigil is really. Nuvigil pertains to a smart drug known for its stimulant-like qualities. This drug was approved for the treatment of narcolepsy and is also known to shift sleeping disorders. This particular drug is also known as Armodafinil which is considered a powerful and effective wakefulness agent and utilized off-label for increasing focus, alertness and energy. Studies continue to its potential effectiveness for treating ADD, schizophrenia and possible use for jet lags.

Just like its “cousin” Provigil, the Nuvigil is categorized as nootropic drug for the reason that this can result in improved mental performance. Effects of Nuvigil are almost similar to the effects of Provigil although most individuals find the Nuvigil is a bit more intense, effective and powerful.

What is the Drug Nuvigil’s Possible Effects?

Though actual mechanisms of actions of this particular type of drug are not really understood entirely, there are still some theories on how this drug works. Similar to the activity and structure of Modafinil, this drug also produces stimulant effects on the human brain.

Armodafinil is the simplified version of the Modafinil, derived to produce added positive effects with minimal negative side effects. The drug Nuvigil helps in providing essential energy boost through affecting hormones in your brain related to sleep patterns or cycles.

Nevertheless, there are also negative effects linked to Nuvigil such as nervous feeling, jitteriness and more. The users of this drug reveal that Nuvigil provides them a more natural sense of being aware and awake and allowing them to be more focused and productive.

Drug Nuvigil Benefits

Primary benefits and uses of Nuvigil drug is being wakefulness agent. This is capable of producing increase or boost in energy that is sometimes significant. The drug Nuvigil or Armodafinil helps individuals to properly function during daytime despite some sleep difficulties and problems. This is also a great help for Narcolepsy sufferers.

Nuvigil is proven effective to treat conditions like insomnia, sleep apnea and irregular sleeping patterns and cycles. This is particularly useful for those who are shifting works and are unable to sleep for regular hours. The drug Nuvigil or Armodafinil is not really approved to treat other conditions and there are lots of ongoing researches regarding its applications.

Important Precautions

You shouldn’t use drug Nuvigil or Armodafinil if you got allergic reactions or rashes caused by Armodafinil or the Modafinil (Provigil). You should also stop taking this drug and contact your doctor as soon as possible when you experience skin rashes regardless of how mild they are. Other severe signs may include swelling in tongue or face, fever, trouble breathing, mouth sores, blistering sore and yellowing of eyes or skin.

Prior to using drug Nuvigil or Armodafinil, you need to clearly state to your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease, heart valve disorder, high blood pressure, history of mental disorder and alcohol or drug addiction or you recently had a heart attack.

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